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Employee Rights

male coworker yelling at woman, employee rightsEmployees have many substantive rights that have been enshrined in state and/or federal law, including the right to:

  • A safe, healthy and discrimination-free work environment
  • Time off for personal or family medical needs
  • Minimum work and overtime wages
  • Reasonable disability accommodations
  • Freedom to engage in concerted activity in protection of other employees
  • Freedom from retaliation for complaining about violations of law, public policy, or discrimination

Often times, employees need guidance while remaining employed to navigate the intricate procedures involved in asserting your employee rights, seeking a remedy when your rights have been violated, or just negotiating an appropriate benefits package when you and your employer part ways.

Have your employee rights been violated?

Regardless of whether you are a current employee who has an employment dispute or an ex-employee who has been wrongfully terminated, you want an experienced employee rights attorneys on your side to advocate and counsel you through the process to resolve the issue and/or represent you in court.

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