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Racial discrimination

black woman worried at office, racial discriminationEvery citizen in the Denver area and throughout Colorado is constitutionally protected against racial discrimination. In fact, characteristics such as national origin, sex, religion, race, and color are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Therefore, it is against the law for an employer to make an adverse decision based on stereotypes and/or false assumptions of your character, abilities, and talents based on your race.

These constitutional protections apply to all businesses of every size and type. If your employer has displayed or expressed discriminatory actions based upon your race or color, you should consult with an esteemed Denver racial discrimination attorney as soon as possible.

What actions constitute racial discrimination?

Racial discrimination is essentially any adverse policy, action, decision, or even expression that is based on a person’s immutable characteristics. Keep in mind, however, that racial discrimination and color discrimination are not interchangeable. Color discrimination occurs when adversity is based on a person’s pigmentation, complexion, skin tone, and so forth; racial discrimination, on the other hand, generally involves stereotyping, prejudice and bias.

Some specific examples of racial discrimination can include:

  • Although you reasonably demonstrated satisfactory qualifications and experience for a job, the employer didn’t hire you because his/her clients don’t like working with Hispanics.
  • You found out that your white co-workers of equal level and seniority get paid more and receive more benefits.
  • You are constantly harassed for being Chinese, and it continues even after you voice your displeasure and discomfort.

Racial discrimination can take many more forms. Most often, you can notice racial discrimination in the hiring, firing, and promotions process; in the terms and conditions of employment; as harassment or retaliation; or if the workplace is segregated and classified based on color or race.

Seek justice from racial discrimination today with the Civil Rights Litigation Group

If you have been discriminated against because of your race and/or color, you can rightfully sue for damages caused by mental distress, embarrassment, punitive damages, and potential lost wages. However, it is important to note that rules from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may apply. If you’re ready to take on this complex civil rights case, you can call the Civil Rights Litigation Group in Denver.

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