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  • Paul

    Mr. Bryant is an expert attorney, specializing in representing and litigating for citizens who have been trounced upon by unchecked government abuses. During the initial consultation, he was very straight with me about the nature and value of my case, although in the end our outcome far more successful than I could have imagined. Mr. Bryant brought the defendants to answer for what they did and most importantly, provided me with justice! Raymond fought relentlessly in the face of intimidation, discouragement and aggressive bullying to prevail, winning a very successful settlement. Raymond was able to achieve justice in the face of police brutality, providing a restorative life for my family and I. He has the skills, wisdom and connections/resources to take on any government entity that abuses your civil rights; as Mr. Bryant proved, mine surely were. Throughout the process, he maintained prompt, open and concise communication, was always accessible to address any concerns, and most importantly, he was correct with every decision or recommendation. Raymond has the highest levels of honesty and integrity. When police and government defendants see him appear on the other side of the table from them, they tremble with fear. I suspect he surely holds a reputation for the best in the Denver area. I have made a friend for life and consider Mr. Bryant the best attorney I have ever hired, and I have hired/worked with several!!! I would not hesitate to highly recommend Raymond as a super-star Attorney. Thank you!

  • Lawrence

    Mr Bryant and his team are exceptional. Initially he didn't see a concrete direction in my discrimination case. He still offered sound direction with which to proceed on my own. After completing those tasks - I reached back out to inform him that my case was deemed acceptable for mediation by the standards of the Colorado Civil Rights Division, and to give thanks for his help. He approached my situation from a benevolent perspective because he believed in me, and held disdain for how I was treated. He told me that he would represent me in the initial mediation just so I would have someone in my corner! The discrimination accusation became clearer as he learned more and we worked hard together. It was wonderful to have him by my side, I can't describe how happy I am that he was there for me. Surely your experience will be the same for you. Don't hesitate in recruiting this team in your corner. Cheers, LW

  • Will

    Mr. Bryant is a Saint and a beautiful writer. He did everything he could for me when I had gone astray after being denied counsel by others. I am forever indebted to him for his hard work, due diligence, and investments. THANK YOU, MR. BRYANT!!!!

  • Christian

    You need Raymond Bryant to win civil rights lawsuits, it is clear it's an immensely difficult procedure suing the most powerful criminal organization, aka the US government at times, and have all elements proven to win $ for being victimized by the police, ect. Though the task is so difficult Raymond does succeed and I will be seeking to follow his education and hopefully become licensed in ND to perform lawsuits to better safeguard our innocent society from over-zealous government agents that look at YOU as a paycheck by jailing you by unethical actions.Who would have thought that if the judge wins and gets money, that would cause problems, of coarse the system has a conflict of interest for our country! [In greed we trust]The justice system needs to be divided and run by an impartial system that doesn't profit if people are found guilty. Obviously adding human elements of wickedness cause innocent people to be destroyed. Our species could be wiser if the government would not be so incredibly ignorant.Few can win in this field. Raymond can change the country I believe.

  • Curtis Gregory
    Curtis Gregory

    Raymond cares about the people of Colorado. He is one of the few who listened to my entire story. That is why he got me paid.Once I spoke with Raymond I knew I had met the right attorney for my case.

  • Janelle

    I contacted Raymond Bryant to discuss issues I have with my current employer. After thoroughly listening to the details, he gave his opinion: both from my standpoint (employee) as well as from the employer's. He explained the regulations that impact my situation and offered advice on how to proceed. Extremely helpful and informative. Thank you.

  • Carol & Mike
    Carol & Mike

    We are very pleased with Raymond Bryant's handling of my son's recent case against the City & County of Denver. We highly recommend him for any matter in his area of expertise. Mr. Bryant is professional and clearly very driven. He will fight for you. Mr. Bryant is assertive with cases, while being committed to and caring for his client and his client's situation. We felt comfortable with Mr. Bryant from the very beginning. He is very easy to talk with and he responded very timely to us via phone calls or emails. Deputies allowed inmates to search and pat down other inmates, allowing touching and fondling that shouldn't have happened, along with being kicked. Deputies laughed very hard and ignored requests for help or for something to be done about what happened in the Denver Detention Center. In the end, 3 deputies no longer work for the City of Denver, 2 relating to this case and 1 other with a similar case. Mr. Bryant worked hard to get my son a settlement on this matter. We feel justice has been served. Anyone looking for a Civil Rights Lawyer should give Raymond Bryant a call, you will not be disappointed. He's outstanding!

  • Bob

    My mother was terminated from her job after 35 years of excellent and dedicated service. Her immediate supervisor had been harassing her to retire inappropriately for several years before the termination, making many comments that were based on her age, not on her performance. Raymond helped her to settle the case via a mediator, going up against a difficult employer who had held off other lawsuits in the past. He was very professional in all of his dealings with my mother and all parties involved, and my mother was happy to achieve a settlement without having to go through a long, drawn out process and court case. I would highly recommend Raymond to anyone who feels that they have been illegally wronged, and feel he truly is out there "fighting the good fight" for people who need help.


  • Carmine Avella
    Carmine Avella

    Bellissimo posto molto bello Protpetario molto socievole prezzo conveniente

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Mr. Bryant is a Saint and a beautiful writer. He did everything he could for me when I had gone astray after being denied counsel by others. I am forever indebted to him for his hard work, due diligence, and investments. THANK YOU, MR. BRYANT!!!!

  • Amanda Brown
    Amanda Brown

  • Allix Betsinger
    Allix Betsinger

    Refered me to a great attorney

  • Gigi Riddle
    Gigi Riddle

  • Noel R
    Noel R

  • Kaream Reid
    Kaream Reid

    He couldn't help me with my case because of the circumstances, but he still took the time to give me some consultation.

  • Karen Monge
    Karen Monge

    To say that I am satisfied with the work Raymond did would be a complete understatement. From the first phone call that was made, he really made sure that I was taken care of. He explained everything and detail and there was never i time I couldn’t reach him to ask him a question or relay a concern. The end result went beyond my expectations and couldn’t be more thankful to have found him in my search for a lawyer.

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