When should you hire a Denver employment lawyer?

Employment law is vast and always changing, and whether your employer pinched you in an inappropriate place or you just discovered that your boss has neglected paying you for overtime hours, it’s important to hire a local, Denver, Colorado employment lawyer who can represent your case and, using in-depth knowledge and in-court experience, fight for a beneficial and just resolution.

Why Hire A Denver CO Employment Lawyer? | Civil Rights Law Firm

Whatever your employment-related legal case (more on this below), you should never make the mistake of hiring the attorney who helped a friend’s divorce, the attorney who closed your real estate purchase, or the prosecution attorney who knows a little about harassment in the workplace. Instead, make sure you get a lawyer who specializes in employment law and who can work the landscape to your advantage.

If you have an employment-related legal issue, get the leading attorney in the Denver area by calling the Civil Rights Litigation Group. You can reach us at (720) 515-6165 or filling in a form here.

What to expect when hiring an employment lawyer for your case

In civil cases in Colorado, there is this saying that, “The only person who wins in a civil case is the lawyer.” This saying refers to the often exhausting legal processes related to civil law as well as employment law. By filing a lawsuit or a complaint against your employer, you’ll be digging dirt up on them and the employer will be doing the same to you; sometimes, clients report that the stress of the legal processes disrupts their sleep and concentration.

Also, it’s important to remember that most employment law cases are not “open and closed.” Even if you believe you have an airtight case, your employer may surprise you with tons of evidence that could very well disrupt the chances of your lawsuit.

With these factors in mind, it’s always a good idea to take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” Filing a lawsuit might not be worth it, but then again, it could be. By speaking with an experienced employment lawyer, you can get a better idea of your case, the strength of your evidence, and other factors. By hiring an attorney, you not only receive expert guidance and counsel through the legal processes, but you always get a reality check at every stage of the process.

When should you call a Denver employment lawyer?

Whether you decide to call an employment lawyer is solely up to you, and yet, it can be difficult to know if your employment issue constitutes a violation of federal labor laws. For instance, were you denied that promotion because of a lack of experience or because you are part of a certain religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or another “group?”

At the Civil Rights Litigation Group in Denver CO, we handle any employment-related case related to federal laws. In general, this includes:

Knowing the difference between a discriminatory action and a violation of federal laws can be difficult; nevertheless, you may want to contact a Denver employment lawyer in the following situations:

  • You were harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against by your employer
  • You were terminated or fired from employment and the termination was illegal
  • You are being forced to sign an agreement that waives some rights you are entitled to
  • Your employer has violated state or federal laws created to protect employees
  • You employer has not given you benefits detailed in your employment contract

How to prepare a first meeting with your attorney

So, you believe that you have an employment law issue; the next step may be to contact a local employment lawyer who will help you decide if your case is worth pursuing. And once you have the consultation scheduled, it’s important to do a little preparation to make the most out of the meeting. This consultation is an opportunity to make sure your attorney has all the facts and other information. Some important tips to keep in mind when meeting your attorney include:

  • Make sure to bring good, clean copies of any relevant documents
  • Bring a fact chronology that outlines the factual timeline of the case
  • Dress appropriately (remember, you want to try and convince the attorney that you’re serious about the case)

As always, make sure to set realistic expectations. Although you may be fired up about a work-related issue, the attorney may see something else in your case, such as a lack of evidence. In some situations, the attorney may turn down your case, and if this happens to you, remember that you need the right attorney, which doesn’t necessarily mean the first attorney who looks over your case.

Don’t hesitate and call the top Denver employment lawyer

There are many situations when you may need to call a Denver employment lawyer. With years of experience representing countless individuals who’ve had their rights violated, we at the Civil Rights Litigation can help you too. From carefully listening to your case to helping acquire the necessary evidence to pursue the defendant in Colorado federal courts, an experienced attorney will be one of the best tools you have for seeking justice and recovering damages. For a free, no-obligation consultation with our Denver law firm, call us today at (720) 515-6165.

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